All Vehicles:
Foreign & Domestic
Antique and New Cars

Build Up
Complete Reupholster
Installation of Seat Kits
Leather Upgrade
Frame & Seat Recliner
Track Assembly Repair & Replacement
Golf Cart Seats  
Motorcycle Seats
Riding Lawn Mower
Tractors & Heavy Equipment  
Kitchen & Dining Room Chairs

Truck Seats:
Make all of our covers right here
in the shop out of any material of
your choice. We can repair foam,
fix springs under seats, and weld
and reinforce the seat frame. We
can offer same day service on all
farm & work trucks.

Motorcycle Seats:
Specializing in all types of motorcycle
seats, custom design seats and also
repair or re-shape foam to better seat
you. We also install Gel Pads

Older Style Bow- Type Headliner
Late Model Headliners (boards with foam backed material)

Door Panels:
Customized door panels (stock panels)
Custom made door panel and Armrest
Repairs of door panel and Armrest (late models)

After Market Molded
Custom Fitted and Bound
Floor Mats
Heat & Sound Deadening

Dashtop (goes over your cracked dash) available for most Vehicles

Call for availability   

Complete Interiors:
Custom Designed (molded and stitched)

Classic Restoration:
Classic car restoration is the act of returning
the classic car to its original state when it was
new. Many confuse the terms "restoring" vs.
"customizing" a car. Customizing is to add or
modify something that doesn't make the car original anymore.
Customizing is to you must make sure that all of the fabrics
used are specific to the car being restored

Pricing of services is based on visual inspection of each job. Because of the complexities of each
individual project, it impossible to give accurate figures on our web site. To be fair to each
customer we ask that you bring the project items to be recovered or restored into our facility. This
way we can accurately assess what your job requires. From simple recovering to complete
restoration Donnie’s Custom Interiors has got you covered. Please call us or stop by our shop.
  • Waiting Room Seating
  • Daycare Changing Tables
  • Convertible & Vinyl Tops
  • Original Fabric Replace or Repair
  • Insurance Jobs
  • Farm Equipment
  • Gym Equipment
  • Welder Covers
  • Repair Nylon Tarps
  • Truck Straps
  • BBQ Grill Covers
  • Hot Tub Covers
  • Repair Trampolines
  • Tonneau Covers
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