Recover Seats
Jet Ski Covers are custom made to cover the specific Jet Ski There will be a draw string and loops to secure the
cover down

These covers are custom made to cover the specific boat goes over the
outboard engine so its protected from the weather. There will be a draw
string and loops to tie it down, but you might want to get bungee cords.
Although there is economical universal covers available,custom made
covers are the right choice if you want
quality material and reinforced areas
that protrude up for a more custom fit.

This is the cover which protects the
boat's open area when it is not in use.
These generally snap to the top or
bottom of the windshield area. It will
than snap along the sides and back to
the transom. A cockpit pole (tent pole) is also available to help prevent rain and snow
from pooling on the cover

Like a cockpit cover, but just covers the open bow
section of the boat

These covers are made to protect just the center
console/instrumentation area on a center console

Just as you cover your boat when it’s not in use, the same should apply to your boat engine and its casing. In
some ways, a good boat engine cover is even more important, because the precise machinery of the motor
could be easily damaged by just a little road debris, water, moisture or the sun.

A Bimini top is an open-front canvas top for the cockpit of a boat or Jeep, usually supported by a metal frame.
Most Biminis can be collapsed when not in use, and raised again if shade or shelter from rain is desired. Bimini
tops differ from a Dodgers in that Dodgers include protection in front and on the sides, while a Bimini does not.
The Bimini is used mostly as protection from the sun; it offers no protection from wind, rain,or spray when moving
forward at any speed. Rain protection is only given if the boat is stationary and there is not any wind.

A Dodger is a frame-supported canvas (sometimes with vinyl windows) structure providing occupants of a boat
partial protection from harsh weather. It covers part of the cockpit and the companionway (or "entrance") into the
interior of the boat. One can usually stand under a Dodger and be protected from rain,spray travelling straight
down or from the front/fore of the craft. There is little protection  afforded from elements moving from aft to fore,
but since the boat is usually moving forward or anchored by the bow and therefore facing into the wind this is
seldom a problem. A similar type of shelter on a boat,

Donnie's Custom Interiors
can repair it. This include sewing seams back together or patching holes in the
canvas covers, replacing broken zippers or missing snaps, and replace clear plastic windows that have cracked
or discolored

Any wood structure which has become rotted can be replaced also with a marine grade plywood at the time of
working on your cushions and panels or save money and cut the boards and than I will do the upholstery end of
Doesn't matter of how big, small,  complex or simple the job may be. Duplicating
an original upholstery design, or customizing the look, changing the color
scheme, repair, upgrade, or create a new cushions from scratch that was lost
on the trip down the road to and from the lake.

We have information on seating for just about
any kind of boat available to save you money
and give you a better deal. Call us today!
Boating can be a wonderful experience. The sun, lake, fresh air, and the
freedom.... But your boat interior require protection from the elements
and maintenance for comfort
Donnie's Custom Interiors will do
your boat upholstery work with quality marine fabrics and

It's best to get your boat interior done during the off season of boating.
But if you are looking to get something done during the season, We will
work with you to keep your downtime out of the water as short as
Thinking about a cover for your Boat? Donnie's Custom Interiors
has you covered protecting your investment for the harsh weather.
This will help prolong the life of your boats interior as well as paint and
electrical components. As the rain soaks into the foam it rots the wood
and also when the sun comes out the water in the foam draws up to the
cover and than the  combination of water and heat weathers the fabric
causing it to fade, crack, or burn. So save the boats surfaces with a boat cover that is ready to go down the road.
Also will keep your lose items in your boat, such as the cushions and equipment.

Donnie's Custom Interiors provides a large array of custom boat covers, bimini tops, cockpit covers, pontoon
covers and much more for most models and sizes of bass boats, pontoons and runabouts.
Call today for more information on the wide array of services that we can provide to you.
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