Original Suspended “Bow” Style Headliners (Most cars early 1970s and older) Up until the early 1970s,
headliners were generally supported by bows (rods) which slipped through holes on both sides along the
top of the vehicle.

Solid Custom Headliner (Bow style replaced with a board style)
Kind of like the headliner board of a later model car  I design a board that is mounted into the car with
the designs to match that of the door panels to finishes the design of the custom interiors on the Show

(Recovered or done to match the interior) Some Show Cars don't have any sunvisors installed to keep a
smooth, cleaner looking designed headliner

Door & Trim Panels:
In addition to reupholstering the seats, the door and trim panels are normally upholstered to complete
the look of the interior

Original Panel Restorations:
to maintain factory appearance the original materials and original stitching designs would be used.
Chrome trim would generally be polished and transferred to the new panels, and the armrests would be

Custom Interior Panels:
the custom look of the door panels should typically match that of the seats. A wide variety of designs and
materials can be used, especially on street rods where the large flat panels allow space for creativity. We
can incorporate flames, geometric shapes, sculpted patterns, embroidered logos, two-tone colors, etc.
Custom armrests are designed and available

Rear Quarter Panels & Trim:
In addition to the door panels, I will design the interior side wall trim to match. This includes the rear
quarter panels, the rear wall at the rear seating, the front lower kick panels, and the package tray, pillar
post trim which is common in older sedans

Rear Cab Panels:
In addition to the door panels on trucks, I will design the rear cab panel trim to match

The comfort and the custom look of the seats should match that of the door panels, the look of your
seats design is a important factor of the interior of the vehicle. Donnie's Custom Interiors offers many
options for restoring, customizing, replacing and covering your seats and upholstery

Seat Welt:
We make seat welt, also commonly called seat "piping". This is used on your car seats to join two pieces
of material together.

For models from the late 1950’s to current, the floor carpeting is molded to the shape of the floor pan. Up
to the early 1970’s, Cut-Sewn 80/20 was original, but most vehicle upgrade to the molded nylon cut pile

Carpet Mats:
(Quality mats with anti-slip backing to coordinate with your interior)
Our mats are custom fit to each specific vehicle, are made with the same carpet, anti-slip backing with
bound off edges

Under Dash & Steering Column:
On specific model, Under the dash may also be customized in many ways as part of a complete custom
interior. Steering column covers are made to hide the wiring and finish the interior

Steering Wheel Cover:
If your stock wheel is worn or the plastic is cracked and you don’t want the expense of replacing the
wheel, a great alternative is to have us lace on a Wheelskins custom fitted leather steering wheel cover.
Unlike a cheap wrap on cover, these lace on with a baseball like stitch and look almost like the factory
type of the late models .They are available in many colors and may be two-toned and/or perforated. If
necessary, I am able to  fill in the damaged sections of the existing steering wheel before installing the
Wheelskins cover

Consoles & Shifter Boots:
A custom looking console can be added to your car.
I can custom build a floor console to the specifications to fit your specific vehicle. It would be upholstered
to match your interior and may even include a armrest console lid for a storage area, cup holders, shifter
enclosure, switches, etc. Another component in the console is the shifter boots. These boots can be
remade to match your customized interior

When redoing your interior your trunk shouldn't be overlooked. A refurbished trunk can make an
amazing difference.

Complete Trunks:
In restoring or customizing a car, trunks should never be overlooked. Sometimes a place to store junk in
an everyday car, but in a specialty car, a fully finished trunk will make an incredibly beautiful statement
and evoke an awe inspired reaction among viewers when the lid is popped open.

Complete trunks consist of the bottom carpet, wheel well covers, side walls, back of the rear seat wall,
behind the taillight wall, a spare tire cover, and also if desired, the trunk  lid is covered to finish carrying
the design thur the trunk . Trunk panels are cut to fit snugly into place, and for trunks with per-existing
boards, these sometime warped boards are
duplicated. The end resulting in a show quality trunk,
which you will be proud to display as a addition to the
overall appearance of your car  

Custom Trunk Enclosures:
When the trunk is loaded with speaker boxes,
subwoofers, amps, TV's, game players, etc, these
parts can be covered with custom designs in
material to match that of the trunk or that of the
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