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connection, or a blown fuse. Some drivers complain that the heater becomes too hot. In cases, a
malfunction in a heat element can cause the heating element temperature to rise really high and cause
burns to the occupant.

A seat heater that does not work at all is not a cause of concern while driving. In most cases
it simply will not work. If a short circuit is the cause, though, damage to the sensitive
components in the electrical system could result. A seat heater that is malfunctioning and
does not regulate the temperature properly can get too hot and cause burns to the
occupant. This condition needs to be checked and repaired as soon as possible.  

It is recommended that the occupant pay particular attention to whether or not the
seat heaters are switched “on.” It may be difficult to gauge how hot the seats are getting until they are too
hot. It should be noted that, when using a seat heater, it is always important to pay attention to how hot so

a professional There is sometimes delicate wires connecting the seat to the vehicle and the heater to the
seat. Seat heater replacement should be left to a professional There is sometimes delicate wires
connecting the seat the seat to the vehicle and the heater to
the seat. Many vehicles are equipped with a seat-mounted
airbag and seatbelt pretensioners attached to the seat. Care
must be used at all times of working seat. For us to get
access to the element the seat is pulled out of the vehicle.
Removing the cushion and leather on the base to get access
to the heating elements. The old element is then removed
and the new element put into its place. Then the seat cover
is reinstalled and the seat reassembled and installed back
into the vehicle, tested before leaving the shop.  

The average cost for a seat heater element varies between
vehicles being a factory element. We do know where some can be ordered to save money on the
replacement. Labor cost are estimated as well as to how they are installed as some are sewed into the
cover or attached to the cover.

Note about price: The cost of this service repair vary with your vehicles make and model, and sometime
even the engine size. This is why we look for replacement elements away from going to the dealership.
Heated Seat
Heated seats can be great for cold winter mornings,
but they are not immune to having issues. The most
common problem with a heated vehicle seat is that the
heater element breaks. Its quite rare for the actual
heat switch to break. Heated seats that does not work
most likely is a faulty heater element. But it can be the
result of a simpler problem: a faulty switch, a corroded
the seat is getting.  Occupants with certain types of health
concerns that lead to a sensory deprivation or skin
conditions, as well as young children, may be especially
susceptible to injuries associated with.

Seat heaters installed at the factory are expected to last the
lifetime of the vehicle. However, excessive wear on the seat
can decrease the useful life of the
delicate seat heater element under the
seat cover. The most common problem is
that the wire that heats up seat has
burned out. This wire is very fragile and
small and will break over time. If by
chance you see burn spots (discolored) in
the fabric around the heating element,
then there is a the element.

Seat heater replacement should be left to